Drug de-addiction hospital in Haryana

Medication De-Addiction Hospital gives a complete arrangement of offices for a wide range of medication and liquor needy and related inconveniences at reasonable expense.


The administrations of qualified and experienced staff containing Psychiatrists, Doctors, Psychologists, Counselors’, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Health Workers and so forth are at all accessible with us.


The mix of profound treatment alongside present day restorative treatment is the forte of our inside. A large portion of the patients looking for treatment in our inside have been alluded by those patients who have profited at our Center. We additionally give offices of treatmentabout tranquilize de-compulsion and ANR is the medication de-fixation treatment supplier in Haryana.


Medication dependent patients never concede about their enslavement issue as they are dependably willfully ignorant. The point is to set up the patient to acknowledge his concern. Every patient is met and directed to assess his inspirational dimension and identity. Indeed, even the relatives are advised separately and in addition in gatherings to deal with and acknowledge the patient’s conditions.

Drug de-addiction hospital in Haryana

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