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Jun 7, 2020

NEW DELHI: Union home minister Amit Shah addressed a virtual rally in Patna, Bihar on Sunday. The first of its kind virtual rally was live-streamed on Bihar BJP’s Facebook and YouTube pages to reach out to the people residing in the 243 Assembly segments of the state.
Here are the highlights from Amit Shah’s address:
* I welcome all of you, party workers, brothers and sisters of Bihar, present in the first ever virtual rally in the history of Indian politics.
* After independence, when the leader of the Congress party, Indira Gandhi, tried to strangle democracy by imposing emergency, the people of Bihar once again worked to establish democracy by organizing the JP movement
* The land of Bihar made the world experience democracy for the first time. Where the foundation of the great Magadha Empire was laid. This land has always granted India with leadership
* Today people came out to bang utensils to oppose the virtual rally. I am happy sooner or later people paid heed to Modiji’s advice and finally took up utensils
* This rally has nothing to do with elections. The BJP believes in democracy. In the Corona crisis, we cannot forget our tradition of public contact. I congratulate BJP national president that through 75 virtual rallies, he has given an opportunity to connect with the public
* Some people see politics in this (organising a virtual rally). I say who has stopped them, instead of sitting in Delhi, organise a virtual rally to connect people from Delhi to Patna and Darbhanga
* This is not a rally to sing the praises of a political party. This rally is to connect the public in the war against Corona and to lift their spirits
* Bihar government has fought the fight against corona crisis very well. I want to congratulate Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi ji. They don’t advertise much the good work they do and are unlike the people who come out to bang plates.
* Modi ji has made an effort to bring light in the lives of crores of poor people within six years and the biggest beneficiaries have been the people of eastern India
* Housing, electricity, bank accounts, health services, gas cylinders, toilets, all these were given by the Modi government during the tenure till 2014-2019. In 2019, Modi ji started a plan to provide clean tap water in 25 crore homes of the country by constituting the ministry of water power
* Rahul Gandhi has always asked for waiving the debt of farmers. Their government was in power for 10 years and claim to have waived 60,000 crores loan of about 3 crore farmers. Through ‘Kisan Samman Nidhi’, Narendra Modi ji infused Rs 72,000 crore every year into the bank account of 9.5 crore farmers
* Discussion of RCEP was started by Congress. Because of this, small farmers, fishermen, small traders, small industries would have destroyed them all. Modi ji strongly decided in the interest of small farmers, small traders and took India out of RCEP agreement
* The people of Bihar have contributed to the development of every corner of India. Development in any part of India has the smell of the sweat of a person of Bihar
* Narendra Modi has just decided in the last cabinet that ‘one country – one ration card’. Workers from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha work in many parts of the country. With this, labourers and siblings will now be able to get their share ration from anywhere in the country
* After the Corona epidemic, Narendra Modi told the Chief Ministers of all the states that migrant labourers should be kept with respect everywhere and gave 11 thousand crores rupees to the states for them. Around 1.25 crore migrant labourers were transported to their homes via thousands of trains. They were provided with food and drinking water. Quarantine was arranged in their home
* 130 crore people of the country are standing like a rock in the battle of Corona with Modi ji. Janata curfew will be written in golden letters in the history of India. Without using any police force on the appeal of one leader of the country, the whole country respected the appeal of its leader by staying indoors
* Janata curfew will be written in golden letters in the history of India. Without using any police force on the appeal of one leader of the country, the whole country respected the appeal of its leader by staying indoors Some people called it political propaganda, but those who are calling it political propaganda don’t know that this is a campaign to make the country one

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