Coronavirus: WHO retracts statement within a day that said asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers cannot spread infection. Here is an explainer

Jun 10, 2020

This is rather worrying, considering World Health Organisation let out a statement recently, saying that COVID-19 transmission rate from asymptomatic patients is “rare”. However, soon after, they retracted the statement, adding that the statement was misinterpreted and much data remains unknown and there, actually was a 40% chance of patients transmitting the illness onto others without being symptomatic. The debate created a big furore and sparked controversy in the community.

In several states, including in India, there is a lot of testing protocol around the same. While WHO’s statement had led to a lot of confusion, asymptomatic cases seem to constitute a bulk load of global cases and are scary.

Asymptomatic coronavirus still remains to be a hot topic and invites a lot of confusion. We give you an explainer about the same

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