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May 31, 2020

MUMBAI: Chandigarh and Delhi top and Bihar ranks lowest on severity of lockdown enforcement, according to a study by Mumbai University’s economics school. Ranking states on an immobility index, the researchers drew upon data from Google’s location-mapping of phones to assess the average number of trips people made from their homes during the period from March 24 to May 16.
While the lockdown in India is being touted as the world’s strictest, the severity varied from state to state. Chandigarh was number one in following the norms, followed by Delhi. The lockdown in Bihar was the most lax, according to the immobility index. The School of Economics and Public Policy at Mumbai University used the data to show that India was like a lot of countries in one, as each state reacted differently to the lockdown. In the paper, professor Neeraj Hatekar noted that the lockdown was not uniformly strict across all the states.
“States like Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, etc had lockdowns that were stricter than the average, whereas Kerala, Tripura, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh etc had rather lax lockdowns,” the study read. As researchers projected the data for each state, they found that there was a rather weak link between the lockdown and the growth rate of Covid infection. “More immobility is generally associated with lower growth rate. So, lockdowns do influence the trajectory of the virus. But the effect is rather weak,” said Hatekar.
Kerala had one of the lowest immobility index values, yet it has been the poster boy for conquering corona. Himachal Pradesh, with a similar level of immobility index, has had a much higher growth rate of infections. The difference in the growth rate of infections between Haryana and Gujarat is way greater than the difference between their immobility indices.
Delhi’s immobility index is far higher than that of Maharashtra, but their growth rates of infections are similar. Jharkhand had a greater degree of immobility compared to Bihar, but the growth rate in Jharkhand of infections is much higher than that in Bihar.

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