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May 25, 2020

NEW DELHI: After a two-month gap, domestic flights resumed operations today. While Centre’s guidelines require arriving passengers to self-monitor their health for 14 days, states are free to develop their own protocol for isolation and quarantine of incoming passengers. Here’s what to expect in different states.
Maharashtra: Mumbai airport to to send passengers for 14-day home isolation after screening.
Rajasthan: 14-day Institutional quarantine (IQ) for elderly and symptomatic travellers, no clarity for others.
Gujarat: State government not to force isolation -either at any institutional facility or at home.
Uttar Pradesh: 14 days at home. Those on business visit are exempted, but they will have to give details of place of stay and can stay only for seven days.
Uttarakhand: 10 days in government facility/ hotel. Home facility allowed only if health officials are convinced.
Punjab: 14-day home isolation.
Himachal Pradesh: 14-day Institutional quarantine (IQ).
Chandigarh: No quarantine.
Haryana: Gurgaon administration insists on 14-day home isolation; four days of IQ .
West Bengal: No clarity on quarantine. Domestic flights will resume only from May 28 in view of Cyclone Amphan aftermath.
Odisha: Professionals, government officials, businessmen exempted from quarantine if they return within 72 hours. Others need home isolation for 14 days.
Bihar: No quarantine required.
Assam: Seven-day IQ followed by seven days at home. Only those who return the same day will not be quarantined.
Mizoram: Travellers would be allowed to enter the state only after they carry special permission from state home department.
Madhya Pradesh: 14-day IQ for symptomatic travellers.
Chhattisgarh: 14-day isolation at a hotel or a government facility or at home.
Kerala: 14-day today home isolation.
Tamil Nadu: 14 days at home. IQ far those who don’t have the facility at home.
Andhra Pradesh: 14 days at home or at a government facility.
Telangana: Symptomatic fliers to be sent to hospital, rest can go home.
Karnataka: Seven day IQ followed by seven days of home isolation for fliers from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Home quarantine for 14 days for all those flying from other states.
Pregnant women, children 10 years and below, senior citizens 80 years and above and terminally-ill patient exempted from IQ. Business fliers will be exempted if they bring a Covid-19 negative certificate issued by an ICMR approved lab.
Goa: Fliers without a Covid negative certificate will have to undergo a test for Rs 2.000 and home isolation till the results come. If they test positive, they will be admitted to a Covid hospital and their family will be kept in paid IQ. Mandatory home isolation for those who can’t afford the test.

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