FAKE ALERT: Magic act video falsely shared as ‘4 Muslim men burnt alive in India’

Jun 9, 2020

A YouTube video is being shared with a claim that Muslim men who slaughter cows are burnt alive in India.
Titled ‘4 Muslim men are burnt alive in India’, the video shows four men being tied to chains and then put in a cage. The cage is then airlifted and dropped inside a bush which is then set on fire.

The description given to the video reads, “Can’t believe eyes, in the supervision of police & massive crowd. They slaughtered a cow, meagre a cow. Extremists who have taken over #Endia believe that cows are holier than a human being. World is quiet for the sake of business. Your tongues & hands aren’t tightened, please boycott this beastly nation. #BoycottIndia (sic).”
Twitter user Imad shared the video with same claim.

The claim made is false. The video used to make the false claim is from a street magic show.
Using the InVID tool in Google Chrome browser, we broke the video into keyframes. Then we ran reverse-image search on these frames via different search engines such as Yandex, Google, etc.
In one of the results, we found a YouTube video dated August 25, 2017 uploaded to a channel called ‘MM Puthiyath’. For the uninitiated, MM Puthiyath is a well known magician from Kerala.
The video titled ‘World’s first mass fire escape | Malappuram Kottapadi stadium | fire escape 2008 |’ apparently shows ‘world’s first mass fire escape by four magicians in Malappuram.
The magicians are identified as MM puthiyath Edavanna, Shajahan Mampad, Sudeer Chungathara and Hameed Edakkara.

The video has the same visuals as the one shared above. At 5:16 in the video, one can see all four escaping the fire unharmed one by one. All four of them survived.
Times Fact Check has found that a magic spectacle video is being used to falsely Muslim men in India are burnt alive for slaughtering cows.

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