FAKE ALERT: No, Brahmins in UP didn’t chop off girl’s tongue to offer it in temple

Jun 8, 2020

A Twitter user by the name of Kamran put out a tweet claiming that in Uttar Pradesh (UP), the tongue of a class 8th girl was slashed by Brahmins to offer it as a sacrifice at Shiv temple. Kamran shared a graphic image of a woman with a severed tongue to claim that Brahmins did so in order to save the village from coronavirus.
“There is limit of hypocrisy & superstition In order to save the village from corona in Bundelkhand, UP, a 8th class girl’s tongue was cut off by bharhmis and offer as sacrifice and climbed into Shivji’s temple. But neither mainstream media nor celebrities will outrage on this. (sic),” tweeted Kamran.
Note: Due to the disturbing nature of the picture, we have attached a blurred screenshot of the tweet here.
The tweet can be viewed by clicking here.

Aam Aadmi Party MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj alerted Times Fact Check by tag-quoting Kamran’s tweet to us.

Brahmins did not chop off a girl’s tongue. The girl who hails from a village in Banda district of UP, herself cut her tongue and offered it at Shivji’s temple to save the village from Corona.
Using relevant keywords from the information in Kamran’s tweet, Times Fact Check did Google search and found a Hindi news report from Live Hindustan dated May 23, 2020.
Titled ‘Teenage girl offers her tongue at Shiva temple to save village from Corona’, the report mentions that a 16-year-old girl allegedly cut off her tongue and sacrificed it to the Shiva temple to save her village from coronavirus pandemic.
The report quotes additional superintendent of police Lal Bharat Kumar Pal as saying, “The incident of a 16-year-old girl slashing her tongue is from Bhadaval village. Following this, the girl was admitted to the government hospital in an unconscious state. Now the girl has recovered and is at her home.”.
Times Fact Check contacted Pal for further details. He said, “The girl cut off her tongue.During our investigation, there was no evidence of the girl being asked to chop her tongue. If such a complaint comes, we will further investigate the matter.”
Times Fact Check has found the claims of Brahmins chopping off a girl’s tongue in UP to offer it a temple to be false.

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