Famous music composer, Wajid Khan, dies at 42 due to kidney infection

Jun 1, 2020

Popular music composer, Wajid Khan, who is known to compose music with his brother Sajid Khan passed away this morning. He was 42. Reports of his untimely demise surfaced on social media after his friend and singer, Sonu Nigam shared the news of his passing away. Fans and fellow Bollywood celebrities took to the internet to express grief over his sudden passing away.

Even though Wajid’s untimely demise at the age of 42 comes as a devastating news for fans, it has been reported that the cause of his death is COVID-19 and he was under critical care for the same in the recent days, although the same hasn’t been officially confirmed.

Wajid also had a history of underlying medical conditions, which kept him in and out of hospitals in the past year.

Singer and composer, Salim Merchant, speaking to an agency said that he was put on ventilator support last week after a kidney infection got worse. In the past, he also underwent a kidney transplant.

Can a kidney infection cause serious complications?

Kidney infection, medically known as pyelonephritis is a serious infection which can often lead to health complications and cause lasting damage if not treated well in time. It can lead to kidney scarring or even renal failure.

Since kidneys form an important part of vital body functioning, if left untreated, it czn impact other body functions. Symptoms of a kidney infection can spread fast and lead to sepsis. From extremely high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, blood poisoning, harmful bacterial spread to other organs in the body are few of the known complications it carries.

Even though infections of a severe kind are rare, it does affect people, especially in the younger age. Infections of this kind can also stem up when a person suffers from a genetic disorder, auto-immune problem or abnormality of the urinary tract or the kidneys. Having a weakened immune system, underlying medical issues, a faltering nervous system or a spinal cord issue can also make problems worse for those with a chronic kidney problem.

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