How Businesses Are Succeeding With AI Based Chatbots

It has been stated by Steve Jobs that new technology will date old technology, but not necessarily replace it. However, it’s the people who decide whether or not the new technology is worth the investment. And, if it is, it will automatically replace the older ones. AI based automation is one such advancement in technology that has gained momentum in recent years. Bots are finally starting to offer value to businesses. Companies like Coca-Cola, Snap-travel, Marriott and loads of others have started to see returns using chatbots.

How are ecommerce stores and marketers using bots?

Sales funnels – AI based automated tools are used for customer segmentation and product selling by sales funnels. Unlike email marketing, in bots sales funnel is dynamic and interactive. When a user doesn’t show interest, it is easier to figure out why and direct them to another part of your funnel where chances of converting are possible at a later date.    

Superior substitute for email – Messenger chatbots have greater number of click through rates and open rates than email. As a result, several many online marketers have started employing AI chatbot as a way of fetching website visitor’s information via pop-ups. Once the visitor engages, she or he will be sent down a sales funnel bot style.

Gamification of content – Chatbots can make content more personalized and interactive. They can educate you about something precious, take you on a journey and boost the rapport you have with a brand. Therefore, you can see a lot of brands creating experiences by presenting a beautiful, interactive story which customers can relate to and this might eventually lead to sale. Call of Duty employed this strategy while launching their new, famous game Call of Duty: Infinity War.   

Relationship Marketing – AI based automation when used for chat can be far more customizable than social media such as Twitter. It is a common human nature to seek a human support on a chatbot, and chat with little emotions. As a result, brands have exclusive opportunity to build a more personal relationship with customers.

How Chatbots help to increase sale?

Abandoned Cart- Nearly 70 percent of people add items to their basket and then leave. Shopping cart abandonment is a common phenomenon which can be recovered by chatbots. Email and text messages have been a bigger weapon for recouping before the introduction of chatbots. Now chatbots are joining the process. This has led to higher open rates and click rates.

Predictive and personalization analytics: AI chatbots are a great and better way to segment your customers and position each of your characters in bespoke experience.

Lead Generation – The discovery of messenger has provided online marketers to get more exposure for their brands. In addition, Facebook has been suggesting bots in conversations as questions. For instance, if you tell a friend you are interest to go out for a movie, Facebook shows Fandango’s ticket buying bot!

Increased Retention – AI based automation solutions and chatbots are leaving apps behind. Bots have the bonus of being transitory. You don’t have to sign up, download them, nor does it occupy any space in your device unlike apps. This low barrier to entry makes it easier to use the way one wants. In addition, if the value proposal and experience is good, the chatbot finds it easier to start a conversation with you.