Krishiv Organic Fertilizer Company-best fertilizer company in bihar

krishiv organic is established in year 2018.Always working on 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC Agricultural solutions. Our all Products are researched and develooped on the basis of “CHARAK SAMHITA” & “ARYA BHISHAK” Approx 500 Years Old Indigenous Technology.We provide 100% organic solutions in all our products which can solved almost all issues of farming starts from Day-1 to end of the crops.We are Succeed to take good results on  almost all Crops.We are Succeeded to Beat Chemical Farming in terms of Production, Quality of Production, Cost of Farming and increasing of Land Fertility.We have trained and Guided 1000’s of Farmers on Organic Farming and every single Farmer has Excelled in their field.Aside from Production, We Aim to bring back natural  Fertility and Sustainability to the Farms.

We are Manufacturers and Repackers of 100% Natural & Organic Fertilizers from different extracts of Trees, Herbs and Naturally available Minerals.

Our main organic fertilizer products are:


The Bijamiya is 100% natural and organic combination, which is specially designed to treat seed treatment and plant roots. Which is Used for planting seeds and plants or used before planting of the plants.

2.Dr. Som

Dr. Som is 100% Natural & Organic Composition For Som Fertility This powerful composition Made from Different Extracts of Trees, Naturally Available Minerals for Soil Application only It Can Applied at any time or Stage of any kind of Plants & Crops.

3.Dr. Som(V.I.P)

Dr. Som(V.I.P) is 100% Natural & Organic Composition. Four in one solution for all crops, plant and trees. Powerful composition made from different of trees & organic product of Nature.


Soluble 100% Natural Containing Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Methyl Esters, Azadirachtin Extracts from Natural & Organic Resources Available from Nature & Combination of Natural Volatile Oil.



Our main motive is to engage and develop partnerships with  organic farmers, and food systems advocates that are working to improve and transform agricultural systems. We are working to fill knowledge gaps about the health and environmental benefits of organic farming and to increase the viability and sustainability of the Indian agricultural system.

We are empowering consumers to make choices that will improve their health, the health of the environment and the health of their communities through education and outreach, And to serve as a resource for the public, policy makers, scientists, farmers and industry on the science supporting sustainable organic food and farming. Our one of the important goal is to strengthen and expand organic practices and commodities which reduce the use of toxic, synthetic chemicals and have clear benefits to human health and the environment.

So we are trying to reach the fundamentals of organic farming by developing some of the important organic fertilizers product which is helpful in growing the fertility of the soil which is degrading day by day due to the use of chemicals. we try to make our soil more fertile by making use of organic fertilizers.

We are working on Top quality Organic Fertilizers Which is essential for the better growth of the crops, vegetables, foods grown from the ground.

Our Products are Made according to the better growth of the crops and also develop the soil fertility.

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