Nilkamal: Travelling by bus post-lockdown? This can be new normal

May 28, 2020

NEW DELHI: With the current scenario of Covid-19, public transportation can be highly risky. It’s clear that the chances of contamination are higher in a public gathering. So, how does one commute, especially on buses?
Social distancing remains to be the only answer but that means fewer riders per ferry. Even that doesn’t justify the idea of ‘distancing’.
To address the social distancing norms while travelling, Nilkamal has devised an innovative TravelGUARD partition. The partition is aimed to provide a gap between fellow passengers sitting on the same bench.

The partition is made with high strength BubbleGUARD sheets and is customisable. It does not require any special installation equipment. The safety partition has high impact resistance and can be sanitized easily, Nilkamal informs.
It can be used by public transport and maybe a plausible solution for office and school buses, airplanes, and public and private buses.

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