Once Must Visit City in a Lifetime is Varanasi

Varanasi is situated on the bank of river Ganga. Varanasi, while being a city that is famous all over the world as one of the top destinations in India, is largely perceived as a pilgrimage city where one can capture sights of strange Hindu customs, the pilgrims bathing in the incredibly polluted Ganges, saffron-clad Sadhus selling pseudo-spirituality to gullible foreigners, burning dead bodies on the Ghats, the dope hungry hippie crowd, and to possibly experience a ‘spiritual awakening’ in one of the many temples of Varanasi.
Varanasi is considered to be one of the oldest human populated cities of the world. The mythological legacy and aura around this city is quite awe-inspiring. The existence of holy river Ganga add to the mysticism of this truly remarkable city. Hindus consider river Ganga as sacred and believe that all the mortal sins get washed away after a dip in the holy water. Varanasi is popular for its enigmatic Ghats. There are more than hundred Ghats in the Varanasi and most of them are as old as city itself. These Ghats are flooded with devotees throughout the year, who take a dip in water to cleanse themselves from all their past sins. The majestic temples and many other holy sites of this city draw large number of tourists every year.
Varanasi is a hub of intellectual and learning centers. Varanasi is also famous for its music and dance. Most of the music, vocal and instrumental both take inspiration from the spiritual and devotional aura of Varanasi. Some of the famous and significant temples of Varanasi where you can meditate peacefully are Vishwanath Temple, Durga Temple, Sankat Mochan Temple, Bharat Mata Temple and Tulsi Manas Temple.
The list is not comprehensive and is only indicative of the rich historical landscape of Varanasi and includes some of the “Places to Visit in Varanasi”.

•    Varanasi Ghats
•    Kashi Vishwanath Temple
•    Manikarnika Ghat
•    Bharat Kala Bhavan
•    Ramnagar Fort
•    Sarnath

Varanasi has an ironic ritual of eating sweets (or Mithai, as sweets are called in India) made from milk based products. Like the omnipresent ‘Banarasi Paan’ shops in Varanasi, one finds sweet shops at almost every way in Varanasi. The view of the varied varieties of sweets displayed at these shops as you navigate the city is a mouth watering familiarity. Looking back in to the rich cultural heritage of Varanasi, it is easy to appreciate the reason for the mind-boggling variety of sweets offered in Varanasi.

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