Pregnant elephant dies standing in river after consuming firecracker-laden pineapple | India News

Jun 2, 2020

NEW DELHI: A pregnant wild elephant ventured out of the national park in Palakkad, Kerala, in search of food and died an unfortunate death after she ate a pineapple filled with firecrackers. The forest officials have expressed their surprise on no harm being caused by the mammal to the village and any human despite being in excruciating pain.
The pineapple, perhaps meant as a snare for wild boars, had put the humble giant in harrowing condition, eventually resulting in her demise as well as of her unborn calf which was due in 18-20 months.
Mohan Krishnan, the section forest officer of Silent Valley National Park (SVNP) who posted the story on his Facebook account on May 30, narrating the ordeal, said that the rapid response team tried to save the 15-year-old mammal by bringing along two Kumki elephants to guide the female to the shore.
“But I think she had sixth sense. She did not take any help from us and died standing in the river,” said Krishnan.
The demised giant was brought back to the forest and cremated by the officials.
“We brought her back to the forest, to the land she grew up in. All of us felt emotional during last rites,” wrote the forest officer.

“She trusted all of them”, said Krishnan in his social media post which has now gone viral and has more than 1,200 shares.
The explosion by the firecrackers had caused injury to her mouth and trunk, said Krishnan. To keep herself buoyant she continued to stand and kept her trunk dipped in the river, perhaps in an effort to find some relief, but eventually died of asphyxiation.
As per forest officials, people use snares to catch wild boars in an effort to protect their vegetation.

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