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While practicing as Online Best Sexologist in Udaipur, have noticed common doubt of patients/clients…”Who is a sexologist?” Answer is, sexologist can be a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist or a urologist or a doctor, who has done significant study & training in the area of sexual problems & its medicines .  Many sexual problems has psychological component as a cause. 

Many sexual problems occurring in day to day life are Psycho-sexual problems. These problems or disorders cause a significant distress in personal & family life & most important thing to mention, these problems are very much curable with counselling, psychotherapy & medications as well.

Sadly, when have sexual problems, many of us because of  guilt, shame & fear, keep away from professional psychiatrist or sexologist help. Many people go to quacks or roadside remedies, which can hamper or even harm actual sexual function

Sexual Health

Sexuality is par being human. Love, affection and intimacy all play a role in healthy relationship from childhood through old age. You often hear about the importance of physical health, mental health and spiritual health, but feeling confident about your sexual health is also equally important. Achieving sexual health allows for

·         Healthy relationships

·         Planned Pregnancies

·         Disease Prevention

That’s why it’s essential to be well-informed about all aspects of sexual health and what it takes to have a fulfilling sex life. Don’t let embarrassment keep you from bringing up concerns or asking questions to your doctor.

Men’s Sexual Health

Sexual health is an important aspect of Men’s Health & General well being. Whether you are trying to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, worried about Erectile Dysfunction or any other sexual problems. Worries about Penis size top the list of Men’s Sexual Health concerns. Penis-enlargement products available in the healthy and enjoyable sex life at any age. If you are facing challenges in your relationship, you can contact with Dr. Amitabh Soni. He is best Sex Specialist in Udaipur and also best Online Psychological Counselling in Udaipur.

These are most common sexual problem faced by men which can treated.

·         Micropenis & Pensile Dysmorphobia – Also known as small penis syndrome and its variants.

·         Erectile Dysfunction Including all complicate case- Treament is possible for cases where oral medicines fail to produce any result .

·         Premature Ejaculation including all complicated case- Avery common problem particularly in India where more than 50% of the male population is affected by it. IT can be treated with an integrated approach.

·         Delayed Ejaculation

·         An ejaculation- Prolonged intercourse with lack of Orgasm in made which results in a painful experience.

Women’s Sexual Health

Sexual health is an important aspect of Women’s Health & General well being . Overcome Common problems like Fear, Phobia, Arousal Disorder, Lack of interest, Poor Sexual Drive, Fear of pregnancy and sexually Transmitted Diseases. Understanding Sexuality & Age appropriate contraception advice is very important. Sexual health before and after marriage is a necessity for a blissful life in modern stressful world. You can Consult with Dr. Amitabh Soni, he is one and only solution of your problem. He is Online Best Sexologist in Ahmedabad who can give you best treatment.

These are most common sexual problem faced by women which can treated.

·         Female Hypoactive AROUSAL Disorder & Frigidity- Female counterpart of Erectile Dysfunction.

·         Hymenoplasty – Hymen can ruptured due to various reasons and it can be reconstruscted.

·         Hymenotomy – Tight Hymen can be one of the reasons of Un-Consummated Marriage and can be treated.

·         Vaginal Dilatation – Needed for tight Vaginal opening

These all problem can be solve with Online Sexual Counselling in Ahmedabad , he is USA certified Sex Specialist in Ahmedabad. Dr. Amitabh Soni is also provides leading Online Psychological Counselling in Ahmedabad and Online Depression Counselling in Ahmedabad  and solve Anxiety problems of many people.

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