Why Dedicated WordPress Hosting Is Among The Most Recommended Options?

When creating a WordPress website, you will be required to make several decisions such as design and development, theme, content, and etc. Among all these features, you must also look for the hosting services ensuring it positively impact the website speed and performance.

Highly beneficial dedicated WordPress hosting is the most recommended hosting option for websites with high-traffic. Its flexibility and reliability provide this hosting with immense scalability and security respectively.

What do you mean by dedicated WordPress hosting?

It is basically a plan that uses only a single server unlike VPS and shared hosting that use small areas just within one server. Dedicated server is highly useful solution for enterprise-grade sites such as e-commerce storefronts, corporations, etc. It offers the most reliable service with myriads of benefits such as high level of security, uptime, reliability, and flexibility.

Difference between dedicated, VPS, and shared hosting

In dedicated hosting, you will have your own server along with its full control. As defines from its name, shared hosting is when server is divided into different partitions depending on the total numbers of sites sharing it. VPS hosting is much similar to shared hosting where server is partitioned to give full support to multiple websites. But among all these, dedicated hosting is widely used because of its several advantages.   

Factors to look for while selecting the best hosting service providers

If you have made a mind to avail the services of this type of hosting, then it is advised to choose only the reliable company that is working in this sector for many years. Before starting your search, consider the following important factors –

          Whether the website will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with no downtime.

          How fast a website will be loaded and what response time it takes?

          Would you get a free domain name on signup? If yes, then for what duration?

          What will be the total pricing of hosting plans? Are there any hidden charges of any type?

          What features are offered in the hosting plan for website designing?

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